Offline Donation

Offline Donation Methods

You can send in an email, call up or write to Save Angels Foundation if you are interested in donating to us. The help you give will help in bringing about a permanent, effective and a positive change in the lives of the needy and the poor children in India. With your help we will be able to address the root cause behind violation of child’s rights. Besides this, you can help us in making the state accountable to the needs of the poor children and their right to education, medication, food etc.   All that you will need to share is your contact details and your interest in being a volunteer with Save Angels Foundation. If need be you can even attend the regular meetings held by Save Angels Foundation. Here you can get an idea on the activities carried out and the kind of effective participation you can provide. You can even educate or teach the needy children in your spare time.   Starting with the financially backward children in your own area will also do. By donating to Save Angels Foundation you can reach out to the poor Indian children and influence their lives positively. The money you donate will be used in providing them food, clothing, education, medication and relief in different areas. With your help, a lot of difference will be made to get the entire system, working. If you are looking towards touching the lives of so many needy children in India then donate to us and help us accomplish this endeavour as successfully as possible.

Offline Donation by Cash/Cheque/DD/RTGS in Favor of “Save Angels Foundation “, Payable at New Delhi.

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