what we do?

What we do

Save Angels Foundation is involved in a number of relief programs for the betterment of the lives of poor Indian children. The Trust takes up appropriate measures and adopts suitable programs for rehabilitating people in different circumstances.Save Angels Foundation plays an important part in protecting the global environment as well. A lot of awareness is created amongst the Indian people on deadly diseases like AIDs, Cancer, HIV, etc. for which camps are set up and run all over the country from time to time.

Children living in the slums are also provided nutritious food, medicines and clothing free of cost. The other objective of the Trust is the instituting of Secondary, Primary and Middle level schools for offering free education to the favela, poor and street children.

All the support and indoctrination required are offered by Save Angels Foundation while addressing epidemics related to AIDs and HIV. To agencies in the private sector, governments of developing nations and non-government organizations, the Trust provides white-collar and technical assistance as well as all-embracing training. The Trust also designs, manages and evaluates all-inclusive prevention of HIV and AIDS, offers support and care sequencers and also provides answerability in management of finances and the results of the programs, both.

Some of the relief measures taken by Save Angels Foundation are :

Distribution of Free Medicines

The poor and needy children are distributed free medication in the relief programs offering medicine. It has been decided that in future too, people will be provided with free services. The needy and the poor in rural India are also provided with medical and surgical treatment. This free of cost treatment is provided by a small team of medical volunteers at Save Angels Foundation

Distribution of Clothes

Where programs for food relief are carried out, blankets and clothes are also distributed by this NGO, free of cost. You can check out the photos on the website to get an idea. Many of the poor children come in old shorts and some have hardly any clothing to wear. They are provided clothes by Save Angels Foundation